About Vector Graphics

reintzmap’s map illustrations, ski maps and trail maps are created entirely in vector graphics. This makes them very easy to update and develop as they are structured in layers and objects. With vector graphics, the map can also be scaled up or down as much as you like without the image becoming blurred or taking up a lot of space.

vector graphics

Vector graphics comprise so-called geometric primitives (points, lines, circles and similar) which jointly describe an image.
This is how they differ from raster graphics (bitmaps), which solely comprise points/pixels.

Enlarged vector graphic

Enlarged pixel graphic

Vector Graphics Maps for publication

The original files for reintzmaps are completely made in vector graphics. They are set in layout programs and then adapted to how the map will be published. It is beneficial to retain the vectors for printing. To achieve the best conceivable colour reproduction, we add the appropriate print profile. For publication on screens, such as computers, smartphones or tablets, during the nal stage the original file is converted to pixels in the desired size and with the right colour profile for optimal viewing. Based on a single original, we deliver maps in various formats and file types, depending on how and where the maps will be published.

Common file types: PDF, JPG, EPS, AI and PNG

Interested in ordering a reintzmap in vector graphics?

Feel free to contact us to find out more about our services. We usually answer immediately, but we guarantee that you will receive an answer within 24 hours.

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