Trail Maps

A good Trail map helps cyclists and hikers to navigate an area. It should be clear, easy to understand and even usable on smartphones. Landmarks and symbols should make it easy for users to find their bearings and navigate an area. As the Ski map, it is important that the Trail map inspires people to visit. A good Trail map encourages more cyclists and hikers to visit.

Trail maps from reintzmap have been created entirely in vector graphics.

Hafjell bike park map

Hafjell, Norway Bike Park Trail map 2020

Åre Sweden Bike Park Trail map 2019

Hemavan summer, Sweden trail map 2018

Hudson River Skywalk trail map, New York, USA 2019

Trail Map Review

“It’s absolutely beautiful! And everything I hoped it would be. Thank you so much Drew Hodges for connecting us with Henrik Reintz, the perfect artist for this project. Such a great result. I think this will explain a lot to a lot of people. So excited to have this!”

Betsy Jacks, Director at Thomas Cole Historic Site
Mellenville, New York

Vallåsen, Sweden, Trail map 2017, updated 2019

trail map

Skuleberget, Höga Kusten, Sweden Trail map 2017

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