A good piste map helps skiers to navigate an area. It should be clear, easy to understand and even usable on smartphones. Landmarks and symbols should make it easy for users to find their bearings and navigate an area. It is also very important that the piste map inspires people to visit. A lot of people look at the piste map before deciding whether or not to visit a new ski resort, which means a good piste map encourages more skiers to visit.

Idre Himmelfjäll - The new Ski Resort in Sweden. Piste map 2019
Hafjell, Norway piste map 2018
Järvsö, Sweden piste map 2018
Norefjell, Norway piste map 2017
Geilo, Norway piste map 2017
Romme Alpin, Sweden piste map 2017, updated 2019
Stöten, Sälen, Sweden piste map 2017
Hemavan, Sweden piste map 2016


Ahead of the 2016 winter season, Henrik Reintz of reintzmap was commissioned to produce brand new piste maps for all SkiStar destinations in the Nordic region. Henrik worked intensively on the 13 new piste maps for five months. All of the maps were delivered on schedule and they are rated highly by skiers and client alike.

Åre, Sweden piste map 2016
Hemsedal, Norway piste map 2016
Lindvallen, Sälen, Sweden piste map 2016
Hammarbybacken, Stockholm, Sweden piste map 2016
Trysil, Norway piste map 2016


"We’ve had a lot of positive feedback about our new piste map, and I’d like to share it with you, and perhaps in particular with Henrik Reintz, who has done most of the work. The vast majority think it’s very good and a major improvement on previous maps."

Lise Moen, market co-ordinator, SkiStar Trysil

Branäs, Sweden piste map 2017
Kläppen, Sälen, Sweden piste map 2016
Säfsen, Sweden piste map 2016